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MAJA invests in new manufacturing hall

The extension of the production hall on the MAJA premises in Kehl-Goldscheuer is completed now. At the beginning of the new year, the 2.400 m² manufacturing hall was taken into operation by the final assembly departments. The new office surface of 620 m² will be ready for occupancy by the development departments and the MAJA subsidiary MAJAtronic within the next weeks. MAJA has invested about 4 millions Euro in the construction project. Further investments are planned in the course of this year to enlarge the machinery of the mechanical manufacturing department.

Congrats to Dietmar Higel to his 40th MAJA birthday

Congrats to Dietmar Higel to his 40th MAJA birthday

It is an old tradition that the MAJA management invites the whole staff of the MAJA headquarter in Kehl-Goldscheuer, the subsidiaries MAJAtronic and MAJA S.a.r.l. from France as well as the MAJA pensioners to the Christmas party in the festival hall in Marlen. On December 15, about 200 guests accepted the invitation and joined a great evening dinner party.

Joachim Schelb, Global Sales Director and Procurator Attorney, gave a picture review about interesting projects and stories of the past 12 months.
The presidents of MAJA-Maschinenfabrik Reinhard and Joachim Schill congratulated to 27 colleagues for their long years of staff membership, especially to Dietmar Higel. In 1977 he joined the company and started his career in the assembling department for MAJA derinding and skinning machines. Today, with his enormous know-how of many machine generations, he is not only the head of the repair department, but he also supports MAJA customers all over the world with demonstations and trainings in his function as experienced application engineer.
Many thanks and congratulations also to our area sales manager for Asia Pacific and also for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, Michael Lyko. He joined MAJA 15 years ago.
MAJA says thank you for many years of cooperation and friendship!


2018 will bring a new refrigerant situation for your MAJA Ice Machines

2018 will bring a new refrigerant situation for your MAJA Ice Machines

R404A has been the standard refrigerant in MAJA Ice Machines for many years. The new F-gas-regulation intends to reduce the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases, which will lead to the relief of R404A due to its high GWP of 3922. What does this mean for MAJA Ice Machines:

With the beginning of the new year, all MAJA Flake Ice Machines of the compact range SAH 85 - SAH 3000 will be supplied with the new refrigerant R449A (GWP 1397). For still existing old machines, the market will still offer some residual quantities of R404A. But the stock is quite exhausted already now and prices are raising from day to day.

Our recommendation: If you still use an elder MAJA Flake Ice Machine which will need in the near future a certain maintenance investment, please think about the purchase of a new MAJA ice machine - for saving your money and the environment!

The RVH range and the RVH-L/-LT ranges are not directly concerned of this new situation as they are supplied always without refrigerant charge. It is your decision if you would like to run your refrigeration system with R449A or R404A. Other refrigerants on demand. Please contact our ice specialists if you need further information.

More and more customers completely banish fluorinated refrigerants from their cooling system. They reorganize their multicompressor system on the eco-friendly refrigerant R744 / CO2. Being among the pioneers in the field of ice production in direct operation with R744, MAJA is able to offer the RVH-CO2 flake ice machines with daily capacities of 500 - 15.200 kg/24 h.


New: Fully automatic cleaning for MAJA Nugget Ice Machines

New: Fully automatic cleaning for MAJA Nugget Ice Machines

A feature long established for the MAJA Flake Ice Machines is now also available for the MAJA Nugget Ice Machines: The fully automatic MAJA-SCS cleaning system is a practical option that ensures optimal hygiene when producing nugget ice for the production and chilling of foods.
Advantages: hygiene safety, thorough cleaning without manual efforts, time savings, maintaining machine value!

Link: Read more about MAJA-SCS

User report: Master butcher Winterhalter about his experience with the combined membrane skinning machine EVMsplit

EVMsplit 5006 desinewing

The butcher company Winterhalter, located in Elzach in the Black Forrest, is a tradtional meat processing company with a long family tradition, owning 11 butcher shops in the South-West of Germany. The meat magazine 'Die Fleischerei' visited the company to learn more about Thomas Winterhalter's experience with his combined membrane skinner MAJA EVMsplit. Find here a link to the inverview with the international edition of 'Die Fleischerei' of November 2016.