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The world of MAJA ice machines: New catalogue is available now - new products and options!

The world of MAJA ice machines: New catalogue is available now - new products and options!

The world of MAJA Ice Machines is subject to continuous innovation. One important aspect is the new legislation about the replacement of fluorinated refrigerants. Look through the latest update of the MAJA ice catalogue to learn more about our way of ecological ice production. On 28 pages you will find an overview about the whole MAJA program of flake ice and nugget ice machines, ice applications and a wide range of accessories.

User report: Master butcher Winterhalter about his experience with the combined membrane skinning machine EVMsplit

EVMsplit 5006 desinewing

The butcher company Winterhalter, located in Elzach in the Black Forrest, is a tradtional meat processing company with a long family tradition, owning 11 butcher shops in the South-West of Germany. The meat magazine 'Die Fleischerei' visited the company to learn more about Thomas Winterhalter's experience with his combined membrane skinner MAJA EVMsplit. Find here a link to the inverview with the international edition of 'Die Fleischerei' of November 2016.


Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

The best MAJA application videos of our machines are also available at Youtube. You can see flake ice machines, derinders and skinners as well as the latest meat portioning technology in action.

Link: Get here to the MAJA Youtube channel


The polar bears of Prague Zoo are grateful for MAJA Flake Ice

The polar bears of Prague Zoo are grateful for MAJA Flake Ice

In August 2015 our sales and service partner in the Czech Republic, company FIMEX, installed a MAJA Flake Ice Machine RVH 3000 in the Prague Zoo.

The Prague Zoo, the fourth best in the world, covers an area of 54 ha and counts among the world's most beautiful wildlife parks.
Summers in Europe can be very hot, especially the one of 2015. For better ambient conditions for the polar bears, MAJA Flake Ice is not at their disposal for refreshment! The Flake Ice Machine was installed on a frame above the ice bears' enclosure. The ice falls directly into the compound by a chute.

MAJA Flake Ice is suitable for most versatile applications. Not only the food section counts on the excellent refrigeration properties, but also leasure parks and zoological gardens use MAJA-machines for their attractions.

Link: Information about zoo Praha


Are you aware of our range of MAJA services? Learn more what our aftersales service can do for you.


MAJA offers not only high quality machinery for meat processing and the manufacture of flake ice, but also a comprehensive service concept and diverse technical support. Our experts from technical service are here to advise you on issues that have important added value, such as:
PHONE SUPPORT - to the usual time of day on weekdays and individually for contract customers and beyond, offering MAJA accessibility and a reliable telephone support from experts.
ON-SITE SERVICE - Through an extensive international service network with our MAJA partners we are also at your service. This saves you time and costs.
SPARE PARTS SERVICE -Thanks to the high availability of spare parts on the market and the construction of the MAJA products that changes thus the availability of spare parts will be guaranteed up to ten years.
MAINTENANCE / SERVICE -Take advantage of our preventive maintenance management with a high availability. The individual structure of the MAJA maintenance contracts ensures that you receive a service support that precisely matches your needs and desires.
TRAINING - Our training offers information for machine maintenance for users. We qualify your team for the perfect operation of our machines in case of service as well as daily use. The correct setting of the machine and the proper handling during operation and handling bring an optimum result and maximum yield. Talk to us - we have the right training package for your company!
APPLICATION CONSULTING -Talk to us about your usage and applications. Our many years of experience help us provide information in regard to our machines.
OPERATION / PRODUCTION SUPPORT MAJA - experienced specialists are on hand in all phases of commissioning. This begins with the first application steps and continues in the efficient integration of MAJA machines in your production. From the start of production to the optimization of the current operation is available here at MAJA. Together with you, we aim to ensure the efficiency and productivity during the production process.
TAGS / MODIFICATION / REMOVALS - Take advantage of the support of MAJA for rebuilding, refurbishment or the complete move of your production lines to a new production.